Delivery and assembly in under 14 days
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Answers from the Homeboard Team


  • How does Homeboard work?

    Homeboard enables you to rent furniture for an annual plan, curate your rental package and then get it delivered and assembled in your space in under 14 days. We source only high end quality furniture which you can access without hefty upfront costs/commitments + you can decide later if you want to keep them.

  • Why would I even rent vs. buy?

    A furniture purchase is not easy: you are expected to pay a lot of money upfront, wait around for all of it to be delivered and then spend your weekend assembling the furniture. Also, who knows if the couch you buy today will be the right style or fit for where you move tomorrow. Getting rid of all this stress is easy with Homeboard.

    The best part about Homeboard is that you can relax while you enjoy high-quality furniture that lasts, white glove delivery, assembly, and freedom to change your furniture if your life changes.

  • Who can use Homeboard?

    Short answer? Anyone!

    If you love the idea of a well designed space but owning furniture makes you shudder, then Homeboard is for you!

Delivery and Assembly

  • Where do you deliver?

    Homeboard is live in the Greater Toronto and Ottawa Areas. We're working hard to expand to other areas.

  • How does it all happen?

    On the day of your delivery, our team will load all the items in your space, some pre-assembled and some assembled on-site. Just like good guests, we make sure to clean up after we leave.